We are gaining more confidence. Trying new flavors and we just made 36 cupcakes for a 5 year olds birthday party! For the first time children ate our cupcakes. Children really are the best judges. Most of them ate the whole cupcake, toppings and all. Two I noticed didn't eat the toppings. One little girl didn't want to eat a bulldog cupcake because she didn't know what kind of dog it was. Interesting observations.

The holidays went great. So far everyone is very positive about our cupcakes. I feel the batter is very good, but I do want to work more on our frosting and technique. We invested in some frosting tips and later we will try out fondant.

Also, we're adding a new tab: Menu. Right now, it is small, but slowly more flavors will be added. We'll try them out on friends and family first. They really are our best taste tasters. Thanks!